Identification and genomic sequence of an HIV type 1 group N isolate from Cameroon.

  title={Identification and genomic sequence of an HIV type 1 group N isolate from Cameroon.},
  author={Pierre Bodelle and Ana S. Vallari and Ruthie Coffey and Carole P. McArthur and Mathilde Beyeme and Sushil G. Devare and G. Schochetman and Catherine A. Brennan},
  journal={AIDS research and human retroviruses},
  volume={20 8},
HIV-infected plasma specimens, collected in Cameroon between 1999 and 2002, were screened for HIV-1 group N and SIVcpz infections using a serological screening algorithm based on immunoassays with antigens derived from HIV-1 group M, N, and O, and SIVcpz strains. Specimens with reactivity to group N and SIVcpz antigens were characterized by RT-PCR and sequence analysis to identify the infecting virus. Although several specimens were serotyped as potential group N or SIVcpz infections, only one… CONTINUE READING

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