Identification and genetic control of the n83 and n84 allotypes of rabbit IgM.


Two additional allotypes of rabbit IgM, n83 and n84, have been identified and characterized with antisera obtained by cross immunization of rabbits with IgM. These allotypic specificities were not detected on IgG or IgA by double diffusion in agar gel and by quantitative radioprecipitin analyses. This finding implies that the specificities reside in the CH region of the mu-chain. Most of the IgM (88%) from an n83 homozygote reacted with anti-n83 Ab and most of the IgM (79%) from the net n84 homozygote reacted with anti-n84 Ab. The IgG or IgA from n83 or n84 rabbits did not precipitate to a significant extent (less than 6%) with the anti-n83 or anti-n84 Ab, respectively. That the n83 and n84 specificities are controlled at the n locus was verified by genetic analysis. Thus, four alleles are now known at the n locus, n81, n82, n83 and n84. The n locus is closely linked to the other six defined loci in the heavy chain chromosomal region and the allelic alternatives for each of the seven loci are coinherited by gene combinations called allogroups. Ten such allogroups are now defined with respect to the allele at the n locus.


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