Identification and expression regulation of symbiotically activated legume genes.

  title={Identification and expression regulation of symbiotically activated legume genes.},
  author={Helge K{\"u}ster and Martin F. Vieweg and Katja Manthey and Markus Christian Baier and Natalija Hohnjec and Andreas M. Perlick},
  volume={68 1},
Legume plants are able to enter two different endosymbioses with soil prokaryotes and soil fungi, leading to nitrogen-fixing root nodules and to arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM), respectively. We applied in silico and microarray-based transcriptome profiling approaches to uncover the transcriptome of developing root nodules and AM roots of the model legume Medicago truncatula. Several hundred genes were found to be activated in different stages of either symbiosis, with almost 100 genes being co… CONTINUE READING


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