Identification and expression of XRTN2 and XRTN3 during Xenopus development.

  title={Identification and expression of XRTN2 and XRTN3 during Xenopus development.},
  author={Edmond Changkyun Park and Sangwoo Shim and Jin-Kwan Han},
  journal={Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists},
  volume={233 1},
The reticulon (RTN) family of proteins has been described as a new eukaryotic protein family. We have isolated Xenopus cDNA homologues of RTN2 and RTN3 and examined their expression patterns during Xenopus development. XRTN2 has two transcripts, XRTN2-B and XRTN2-C, which encode 321 and 191 amino acids, respectively. XRTN3 has only one transcript that encodes 214 amino acids. We detected the XRTN2-B transcript in the neural tissues and brain from the early neurula stage. XRTN2-C is strongly… CONTINUE READING