Identification and characterization of the human orthologue of yeast Pex14p.

  title={Identification and characterization of the human orthologue of yeast Pex14p.},
  author={G. Will and M Soukupova and Xinji Hong and Kai Sven Erdmann and Jan A.K.W Kiel and Gabriele Dodt and Wolf H. Kunau and Ralf Erdmann},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={19 3},
Pex14p is a central component of the peroxisomal protein import machinery, which has been suggested to provide the point of convergence for PTS1- and PTS2-dependent protein import in yeast cells. Here we describe the identification of a human peroxisome-associated protein (HsPex14p) which shows significant similarity to the yeast Pex14p. HsPex14p is a carbonate-resistant peroxisomal membrane protein with its C terminus exposed to the cytosol. The N terminus of the protein is not accessible to… CONTINUE READING

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