Identification and characterization of steroidogenic factor-1 inverse agonists.

  title={Identification and characterization of steroidogenic factor-1 inverse agonists.},
  author={Mabrouka Doghman and Franck Madoux and Peter S. Hodder and Enzo Lalli},
  journal={Methods in enzymology},
The transcription factor Steroidogenic Factor-1 (Ad4BP/SF-1; NR5A1 according to the standard nomenclature) has an essential role in adrenogonadal development. Furthermore, SF-1 is amplified and overexpressed in most cases of adrenocortical tumor occurring in children; studies performed in transgenic mice have shown that an increased SF-1 dosage triggers tumor formation in the adrenal cortex. For these reasons, drugs interfering with SF-1 action would represent a promising tool to be added to… CONTINUE READING