Identification and characterization of FBXL19 gene in silico.


CXXC1, CXXC2 (FBXL10), CXXC3 (MBD1), CXXC4 (IDAX), CXXC5, CXXC6, CXXC7 (MLL), CXXC8 (FBXL11), CXXC9 (DNMT1) and CXXC10 are CXXC family genes within the human genome. Recently, we identified and characterized CXXC5 and CXXC10 genes as the homologs of CXXC4, which is implicated in the WNT signaling pathway. Here, we identified human FBXL19 (CXXC11) gene by… (More)


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@article{Katoh2004IdentificationAC, title={Identification and characterization of FBXL19 gene in silico.}, author={Masuko Katoh}, journal={International journal of molecular medicine}, year={2004}, volume={14 6}, pages={1109-14} }