Identification and analysis of vaccinia virus palmitylproteins.

  title={Identification and analysis of vaccinia virus palmitylproteins.},
  author={Douglas W. Grosenbach and Scott G Hansen and Dennis E. Hruby},
  volume={275 1},
Vaccinia virus encodes at least eight proteins that incorporate label from tritiated palmitic acid when it is added to infected cell cultures. Three of these palmitylproteins are encoded by the A33R, B5R, and F13L open reading frames and migrate by gel electrophoresis with relative molecular masses of 23-28, 42, and 37 kDa, respectively. In this report we provide evidence that the A22R and A36R open reading frames also encode palmitylproteins with apparent molecular masses of 22 and 50-55 kDa… CONTINUE READING
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