Identification and analysis of murine pancreatic islet enhancers

  title={Identification and analysis of murine pancreatic islet enhancers},
  author={Bryan R. Tennant and A Gordon Robertson and Mildred Kramer and Ling Li and Xin Zhang and Mike L Beach and Nina Thiessen and Robert Chiu and Karen Mungall and Cheryl Whiting and Paul V. Sabatini and Aekyong Kim and Rapha{\"e}l Gottardo and Marco A. Marra and Francis C Lynn and Steven J. M. Jones and Pamela A. Hoodless and Brad G. Hoffman},
The paucity of information on the epigenetic barriers that are blocking reprogramming protocols, and on what makes a beta cell unique, has hampered efforts to develop novel beta cell sources. Here, we aimed to identify enhancers in pancreatic islets, to understand their developmental ontologies, and to identify enhancers unique to islets to increase our understanding of islet-specific gene expression. We combined H3K4me1-based nucleosome predictions with pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1 (PDX1… CONTINUE READING


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