Identidades laborales y ética del trabajo público en tiempos de rendición de cuentas

  title={Identidades laborales y {\'e}tica del trabajo p{\'u}blico en tiempos de rendici{\'o}n de cuentas},
  author={Carla Fardella and Vicente Sisto and Karol Joan Guti{\'e}rrez Morales and Guillermo Escalona Rivera and R. M. Ramos Soto},
Based on the perspective of psychosocial studies of labor identities, this paper studies how accountability devices, promoted by current public administration trends, are locally assessed and interpreted. Within a larger 3-year study, the article reports on the analysis of interviews conducted during a multiple-case ethnographic study which included 2 primary health care centers, 2 municipal schools, and 2 institutions that implement social policies located in Santiago and Valparaiso (Chile… CONTINUE READING

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