Identidad mexicana e interés político: Predictores de bienestar social y anomia

  title={Identidad mexicana e inter{\'e}s pol{\'i}tico: Predictores de bienestar social y anomia},
  author={Francisco Augusto Laca Arocena and Juan Carlos Mej{\'i}a Ceballos and Claudia L. Y{\'a}{\~n}ez Velasco},
This paper tests the hypothesis that perceived differences in Mexican identity and political interest condition social well-being and the perception of anomie. The three dimensions of Tajfel’s social identity theory was adopted to measure Mexican identity, as well as the five dimensions of Keyes’s model for social well-being. A sample of 211 subjects of voting age from the State of Colima, Mexico, filled out a battery of three questionnaires and sociodemographic data. Results show that… CONTINUE READING