Ideas in Nonperturbative QCD

  title={Ideas in Nonperturbative QCD},
The structure ofthe hadron spectrum is discussed in connection with the m ain phenom ena ofnonperturbative Q CD :con(cid:12)nem entand chiralsym m etry breaking (CSB).For the higher part ofthe spectrum ( M (cid:21) 2 G eV ) spin and chirale(cid:11)ects are unim portant; spectrum of q (cid:22) q system isdescribed by an e(cid:11)ective H am iltonian deduced from Q CD .The H am iltonian reducesto relativistic quark potentialm odelorto the open string m odelin two opposite lim its.H ybridsare… 

Solvable Two-Body Dirac Equation as a Potential Model of Light Mesons ?

The two-body Dirac equation with general local potential is reduced to the pair of ordinary second-order differential equations for radial components of a wave function. The class of linear + Coulomb

Quantization of almost-circular orbits in the Fokker action formalism

The time-non-local action principle of Fokker type determining a two-particle dynamics is considered. The system is assumed to be general but invariant with respect to the Aristotle group, which is a



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