Ideals of bounded rank symmetric tensors are generated in bounded degree

  title={Ideals of bounded rank symmetric tensors are generated in bounded degree},
  author={Steven V. Sam},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
  • Steven V. Sam
  • Published 16 October 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Inventiones mathematicae
Over a field of characteristic zero, we prove that for each r, there exists a constant C(r) so that the prime ideal of the rth secant variety of any Veronese embedding of any projective space is generated by polynomials of degree at most C(r). The main idea is to consider the coordinate ring of all of the ambient spaces of the Veronese embeddings at once by endowing it with the structure of a Hopf ring, and to show that its ideals are finitely generated. We also prove a similar statement for… 
Syzygies of bounded rank symmetric tensors are generated in bounded degree
We study the syzygies of secant ideals of Veronese subrings of a fixed commutative graded algebra over a field of characteristic 0. One corollary is that the degrees of the minimal generators of the
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We prove that any finite-degree polynomial functor over an infinite field is topologically Noetherian. This theorem is motivated by the recent resolution, by Ananyan-Hochster, of Stillman’s
Twisted commutative algebras (tca’s) have played an important role in the nascent field of representation stability. Let $A_{d}$ be the tca freely generated by $d$ indeterminates of degree 1. In a
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A quandle is an algebraic structure which attempts to generalize group conjugation. These structures have been studied extensively due to their connections with knot theory, algebraic combinatorics,
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Recent work of An, Drummond-Cole, and Knudsen, as well as the author, has shown that the homology groups of configuration spaces of graphs can be equipped with the structure of a finitely generated
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When present, the Cohen-Macaulay property can be useful for finding the minimal defining equations of an algebraic variety. It is conjectured that all secant varieties of Segre products of projective
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Partial Young flattenings are introduced and used to give a lower bound on the border rank of monomials which agrees with Landsberg and Teitler's upper bound.
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The goal of this expository article, based on a lecture I gave at the 2016 ICRA, is to explain some recent applications of "categorical symmetries" in topology and algebraic geometry with an eye


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The resolutions of determinantal ideals exhibit a remarkable stability property: for fixed rank but growing dimension, the terms of the resolution stabilize (in an appropriate sense). One may wonder
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In this paper we introduce and develop the theory of FI-modules. We apply this theory to obtain new theorems about: - the cohomology of the configuration space of n distinct ordered points on an
Bounded-rank tensors are defined in bounded degree
Matrices of rank at most k are defined by the vanishing of polynomials of degree k+1 in their entries (namely, their ((k+1)×(k+1))-subdeterminants), regardless of the size of the matrix. We prove a
Initial Ideals, Veronese Subrings, and Rates of Algebras
Abstract ⌉Let S be a polynomial ring over an infinite field and let I be a homogeneous ideal of S . Let T d be a polynomial ring whose variables correspond to the monomials of degree d in S . We
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Every Grassmannian, in its Plucker embedding, is defined by quadratic polynomials. We prove a vast, qualitative, generalisation of this fact to what we call Plucker varieties. A Plucker variety is in
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Let R be an (associative, non-negatively graded) connected algebra, generated by RI , over a field k. In [5] Ralf Froberg and I proved that if the homogeneous minimal relations of R appear only in
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Suppose that for each n >= 0 we have a representation $M_n$ of the symmetric group S_n. Such sequences arise in a wide variety of contexts, and often exhibit uniformity in some way. We prove a number
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We find minimal generators for the ideals of secant varieties of Segre varieties in the cases of σk(P 1 × P n × P ) for all k, n,m, σ2(P n × P m × P p × P ) for all n,m, p, r (GSS conjecture for four