Ideals in autometrized algebras

  title={Ideals in autometrized algebras},
  author={K. L. N. Swamy and N. Prabhakara Rao},
  journal={Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society},
  pages={362 - 374}
  • K. Swamy, N. Rao
  • Published 1 November 1977
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
Abstract A notion of a normal autometrized algebra is introduced which generalises the concepts of Boolean geometry. Brouwerian geometry, autometrized lattice ordered groups, semi-Brouwerian geometry, etc. The notions of ideals and congruence relations are introduced in normal autometrized algebras and a one to one correspondence between ideals and congruence relations is established. Some other common properties of the above geometries are also obtained for normal autometrized algebras. 
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$BL$-algebras, introduced by P. Hajek, form an algebraic counterpart of the basic fuzzy logic. In the paper it is shown that $BL$-algebras are the duals of bounded representable $DRl$-monoids. This
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