Ideals in a multiplier algebra on the ball

  title={Ideals in a multiplier algebra on the ball},
  author={Raphael Clouatre and Kenneth R. Davidson},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
We study the ideals of the closure of the polynomial multipliers on the Drury-Arveson space. Structural results are obtained by investigating the relation between an ideal and its weak-$*$ closure, much in the spirit of the corresponding classical facts for the disc algebra. Zero sets for multipliers are also considered and are deeply intertwined with the structure of ideals. Our approach is primarily based on duality arguments. 

Cyclicity in the Drury-Arveson space and other weighted Besov spaces

. Let H be a space of analytic functions on the unit ball B d in C d with multiplier algebra Mult( H ) . A function f ∈ H is called cyclic if the set [ f ] , the closure of { ϕf : ϕ ∈ Mult( H ) } ,

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Henkin functionals on non-commutative C-algebras have recently emerged as a pivotal link between operator theory and complex function theory in several variables. Our aim in this paper is

Multipliers of Drury–Arveson Space: A Survey

  • Quanlei Fang
  • Mathematics
    Interpolation and Realization Theory with Applications to Control Theory
  • 2019
The Drury–Arveson Space, as a Hilbert function space, plays an important role in multivariable operator theory. We give a brief survey of some aspects of the multipliers on the space.

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. We prove a noncommutative version of Bishop’s peak interpolation-set theorem.

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We give a brief review of the Drury-Arveson space and its associated operator theory. We then survey those recent results on that space where analytical methods play a predominant role. A number of

Interpolation and duality in algebras of multipliers on the ball

We study the multiplier algebras $A(\mathcal{H})$ obtained as the closure of the polynomials on certain reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces $\mathcal{H}$ on the ball $\mathbb{B}_d$ of $\mathbb{C}^d$.



The Closed Ideals in an Algebra of Analytic Functions

  • W. Rudin
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 1957
Let K and C be the closure and boundary, respectively, of the open unit disc U in the complex plane. Let be the Banach algebra whose elements are those continuous complex functions on K which are

Invariant Subspaces and Hyper‐Reflexivity for Free Semigroup Algebras

A free semigroup algebra is the weak operator topology closed algebra generated by a set of isometries with pairwise orthogonal ranges. The most important example is the left regular free semigroup

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We consider a number of examples of multiplier algebras on Hilbert spaces associated to discs embedded into a complex ball in order to examine the isomorphism problem for multiplier algebras on

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Function Theory in the Unit Ball of Cn

Preliminaries.- The Automorphisms of B.- Integral Representations.- The Invariant Laplacian.- Boundary Behavior of Poisson Integrals.- Boundary Behavior of Cauchy Integrals.- Some Lp-Topics.-


Let Bn be the open unit ball of C , and let H(B^) be the algebra of bounded analytic functions on Bn, endowed with the uniform norm on Bn. The ball algebra is the space A(Bn) = C(Bn) n //°°(Z?ra),

Uniform Algebras

Given a variety of algebras V, we study categories of algebras in V with a compatible structure of uniform space. The lattice of compatible uniformities of an algebra, Unif A, can be considered a

Absolute continuity for commuting row contractions

Banach spaces of analytic functions

In this paper, we explore certain Banach spaces of analytic functions. In particular, we study the space A -I, demonstrating some of its basic properties including non-separability. We ask the