Ideals and Virtual Realities

  title={Ideals and Virtual Realities},
  author={Enrique Canessa and Livio Tenze},
  journal={Int. J. Emerg. Technol. Learn.},
Abstract—A main step for world’s progress is to keep sharing ever-present Ideals for science and education within today’s Virtual Realities. On-line education is transforming human society to new levels in the way people teach and learn during the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. There is an increasing interest in having more and more reliable, fast and simple apps to communicate and also to record, assemble and distribute videos and lectures in the fields of Physics & Maths still using traditional… 

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“Science Dissemination for the Disabled" is a noteworthy topic which is still sparse. In order to increase interest in the study of science and on access to research without exclusion emphasis needs

Development of an intelligent system based on metaverse learning for students with disabilities

The main idea of the proposed project is the development of a simple intelligent system for meta-learning that should be self-configurable according to the different users of the metaverse, and evaluated the performance of the Open Simulator in both standalone and grid modes based on the login times.



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An easy and in-expensive automatic shooting system has been developed, that can be used by schools and universities with minimum effort, and has been experiment-ed and found to be very effective in the department with a number of colleagues completely relying on it to deliver classes.

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Two prototype apps are discussed on AndrEyA and EyApp for mobile devices running Android OS and iOS, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the recoding of academic lectures by individual students themselves.

Ideals and Realities. World Scientific, Singapore 2 edition

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Recording Scientific Lectures with openEyA from the School to the University

The automated recording system EyA is an innovative, open-source system developed to archive lectures of physics and mathematics carried out using either digital presentations or more traditional chalkboards, and its new (html5 with javascript and .mp4 video) interface for mobile devices.

Singapore 2 nd edition

  • 1989