Ideal scaphoid angle for intercarpal arthrodesis.

  title={Ideal scaphoid angle for intercarpal arthrodesis.},
  author={Y Minamikawa and Clayton A Peimer and Toshihito Yamaguchi and John Medige and F S Sherwin},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={17 2},
This experimental study was conducted to determine the best scaphoid position, measured as the radioscaphoid (RS) angle for optimum wrist motion after scapho-trapezio-trapezoid (STT) and scaphocapitate (SC) fusion and to assess the implications of radial styloidectomy on motion after STT fusion. STT and SC fusions were simulated in six fresh cadaver hands with the scaphoid in horizontal, neutral, and vertical positions with respect to the long axis of the radius seen on lateral x-rays. RS angle… CONTINUE READING