Ichthyosis congenita type III


We describe one type of the heterogeneous ichthyosis congenita group, inherited autosomal-recessively, noting its clinical and ultrastructural features based on the findings in a female patient, aged 30 at the time of first clinical and ultrastructural investigation, and supplemented with those of eight further patients, aged 2 to 22 years. Clinically this… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00440599


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@article{Arnold2004IchthyosisCT, title={Ichthyosis congenita type III}, author={Mildred Arnold and Ingrun Anton-Lamprecht and B. Melz-Rothfuss and Wolfgang Hartschuh}, journal={Archives of Dermatological Research}, year={2004}, volume={280}, pages={268-278} }