Icetexane and abietane diterpenoids from Salvia gilliessi.

  title={Icetexane and abietane diterpenoids from Salvia gilliessi.},
  author={M. J. L{\'o}pez Nieto and Eduardo E Garc{\'i}a and Oscar S. Giordano and C E Tonn},
  volume={53 8},
One icetexane and two abietane diterpenes were isolated from the aerial parts of Salvia gilliesii, and characterized as 5-epi-icetexone; 12-hydroxy-11,14-diketo-6,8,12-abietatrien-19,20-olide and 6 alpha,12,19-trihydroxy-11,14-diketo-8,12-abietadien-20,7 beta-olide, respectively. The structures were established by analysis of their 1H and 13C NMR spectra with the aid of 2D experiments. The triterpene oleanolic acid was isolated from the same source.