Iceland's Doomsday Scenario?

  title={Iceland's Doomsday Scenario?},
  author={Richard A. Stone},
  pages={1278 - 1281}
  • R. Stone
  • Published 19 November 2004
  • Environmental Science
  • Science
VOLCANOLOGYSKAFTARTUNGA, ICELAND-- The more researchers learn about the unheralded Laki eruption of 1783, the more they see a need to prepare for a reprise that could include fluoride poisoning and widespread air pollution. 
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Environmental consequences of ancient eruptions can be estimated by analysis of glass inclusions trapped in minerals present in lava flows.
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Iceland straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and overlies a mantle hotspot. This tectonic setting produces voluminous tholeiitic magmas. Volcanism in Iceland is focussed along three neovolcanic spreading
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This thesis focuses on the environmental effects of volcanic eruptions such as Eyjafjallajokull (2010) from which volcanic gases and ash particles can impact upon ecosystems located thousands of
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Experimental and Thermodynamic Constraints on the Sulphur Yield of Peralkaline and Metaluminous Silicic Flood Eruptions
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In recent years a spate of books and articles have argued that the world today is so mobile, so interconnected and so integrated that it is, in one prominent assessment, flat. But as Harm de Blij