Iceland’s External Affairs from 1550-1815: Danish societal and political cover concurrent with a highly costly economic policy

  title={Iceland’s External Affairs from 1550-1815: Danish societal and political cover concurrent with a highly costly economic policy},
  author={Baldur Þ{\'o}rhallsson and T{\'o}mas Joensen},
  journal={Icelandic Review of Politics and Administration},
The paper argues that there is not necessarily a correlation between political, economic and societal shelter. Iceland received considerable societal and political shelter from Denmark in the period under study, but Denmark failed to provide its remote island with economic cover. Firstly, and most importantly, it provided substantial and highly valuable societal shelter. Copenhagen was the main channel by which new knowledge and technology could enter Iceland. The islanders benefited from… 
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Cet ouvrage est un classique, qui en est a sa 18e edition. II a ete reecrit pour les deux-tiers. II ne subsiste integralement que la methode d'exposition, car meme la conception generale du livre est