Ice Core Records of West Greenland Melt and Climate Forcing

  title={Ice Core Records of West Greenland Melt and Climate Forcing},
  author={Karina A. Graeter and Erich C. Osterberg and David G. Ferris and Robert L. Hawley and H. Marshall and Gabriel Lewis and Tate G. Meehan and Frankie McCarthy and Thomas B. Overly and Sean D. Birkel},
Remote sensing observations and climate models indicate that the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) has been losing mass since the late 1990s, mostly due to enhanced surface melting from rising summer temperatures. However, in situ observational records of GrIS melt rates over recent decades are rare. Here we develop a record of frozen meltwater in the west GrIS percolation zone preserved in seven firn cores. Quantifying ice layer distribution as a melt feature percentage (MFP), we find significant… CONTINUE READING

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