Icacinaceae: Icacinaceae (Benth.) Miers, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. II, 8:174 (1851), nom. cons.

  title={Icacinaceae: Icacinaceae (Benth.) Miers, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. II, 8:174 (1851), nom. cons.},
  author={M. J. Potgieter and Ros{\'o} Du{\~n}{\'o}},
First macrofossil record of Icacinaceae in East Asia (early Oligocene, Wenshan Basin) and its ecological implications
Icacinaceae are well represented in the modern tropical flora of East Asia, but this family has no confirmed macrofossils from this region. Most of the unambiguous fossils (e.g., endocarps) are from
The fossil record of Icacinaceae in Australia supports long-standing Palaeo-Antarctic rainforest connections in southern high latitudes
ABSTRACT Fossil fruits of Icacinaceae are recorded from two Cenozoic sites in Australia, at Launceston in northern Tasmania and the Poole Creek palaeochannel in northern South Australia, representing
Nuclear phylogenomic analyses of asterids conflict with plastome trees and support novel relationships among major lineages.
The results challenge several long-standing hypotheses of asterid relationships and have implications for morphological character evolution and for the importance of ancient whole-genome duplications in early asterid evolution.
Floral development of Gonocaryum with emphasis on the gynoecium
We investigated the floral development of Gonocaryum, a genus of Cardiopteridaceae that was segregated from Icacinaceae s.l., using scanning electron microscopy to clarify its gynoecial structure and


Les familles des dicotylédones ligneuses tropicales et leur identification à l'aide d'une clef fondée sur les seuls caractères végétatifs
L'objectif de cette these est la creation d'une clef d'identification des dicotyledones ligneuses tropicales. Cette clef permet de reconnaitre facilement et rapidement environ 120 familles sur le
Jodes israeliisp. nov.: a huge phosphate-mineralized icacinacean fructification from the Late Cretaceous of the Negev, southern Israel
Abstract A beautifully preserved fossil fructification nearly 3 cm in maximum diameter was found in organic-rich Maastrichtian strata (Ghareb Formation) of the central Negev, southern Israel. The
Effect of long drought on the abundance of red kangaroos in central australia
About half way through the severest drought on record in central Australia, the numbers of red kangaroos, Megaleia rufh (Desm.), were estimated on about 2500 square miles of country just north of