Ibuprofen-Induced Changes in Sulfate Renal Transport 1

  title={Ibuprofen-Induced Changes in Sulfate Renal Transport 1},
  author={Kazuko Sagawa and Lisa Jo Benincosa and Heini Murer and Marilyn E Morris},
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increase sulfate renal clearance and decrease the fractional reabsorption of sulfate by the kidneys. The mechanism of this alteration of inorganic sulfate homeostasis is unknown. The objectives of this study were 1) to investigate if sulfate renal transport is altered in isolated membrane vesicles after pretreatment of animals in vivo with ibuprofen (IBU), and 2) to determine the cellular mechanism of changes in sulfate renal transport. Female Lewis… CONTINUE READING