Ibn Sīnā's Solution to Kant's Challenging View of Existence

  title={Ibn Sīnā's Solution to Kant's Challenging View of Existence},
  author={M. M. Karimi},
  journal={Philosophy East and West},
  pages={112 - 139}
  • M. M. Karimi
  • Published 2017
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy East and West
Abstract:Jerome Shaffer (1962) claimed that Kant's view on existence leads to two problems—what I call "the problem of contradiction" and "the problem of insignificance." The former shows that existential propositions are analytic, while Kant asserted that they are synthetic. According to the latter, Kant's view implies that in the act of predicating either, the subjects do not have and cannot capture their exact extensions and/or no predicate could be a "real" predicate. After formulating the… Expand
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