Ibāḍism: History, Doctrines, and Recent Scholarship

  title={Ibāḍism: History, Doctrines, and Recent Scholarship},
  author={V. Hoffman},
  journal={Religion Compass},
  • V. Hoffman
  • Published 2015
  • Psychology
  • Religion Compass
Ibāḍism is the only surviving sect of Khārijism and thus represents the third main branch of Islam, after Sunnism and Shīʻism. Ibāḍīs, who number less than 1% of the world's Muslims, are found mainly in the Sultanate of Oman, in the Mzāb and Wārgla (Ouargla) regions of southeastern Algeria, in the Nafūsa mountain region of northwestern Libya, and on the island of Jirba (Djerba), Tunisia. The traditional narrative of Ibāḍism's origins dates it to ‘Abd Allāh ibn Ibāḍ's split from the radical Kh… Expand