IWAY: Towards highway vehicle-2-vehicle communication and driver support


This paper describes a novel Alert Manager which merges information coming from: (i) an in-vehicle sensing system, (ii) the road infrastructure and (iii) neighbouring cars to generate more high level and useful information for the driver. It has been developed as a part of the I-WAY system, whose aim is to provide drivers with timely warnings and meaningful suggestions to avoid potential hazards in the driving environment. The Alert Manager is capable of efficient handling of multiple information sources, fusion of complementary data and management of incoming events’ priorities. Moreover,the Alert Manager controls the broadcasting of messages to keep Road Infrastructure and other vehicles updated about potential hazards. We focus on the determination of the dominant risk prevailing in the road environment. The dominant risk is revealed through the individual risk estimation of events reported from in-vehicle detection system, car-to-car and road infrastructure-to-car messages.

DOI: 10.1109/ICSMC.2008.4811819

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