IVIG in APS pregnancy.

  title={IVIG in APS pregnancy.},
  author={G. Triolo and Angelo Ferrante and Antonina Accardo-Palumbo and Francesco Ciccia and M Cadelo and Antonio Castelli and Antonio Perino and Giuseppe Licata},
  volume={13 9},
For more than two decades, the intravenous administration of high doses of IgG pooled from the plasma of healthy donors (immune globulin therapy, also known as 'IVIG') has benefited patients with a variety of autoimmune disorders. A potential therapeutic role of IVIG in the prevention of thrombosis and of miscarriages in antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) has been postulated. Multicenter randomized controlled trials attempted to define the role of IVIG in preventing pregnancy complications in APS… CONTINUE READING

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