IV.—Notes on the Sauropterygia of the Oxford and Kimeridge Clays, mainly based on the Collection of Mr. Leeds at Eyebury

  title={IV.—Notes on the Sauropterygia of the Oxford and Kimeridge Clays, mainly based on the Collection of Mr. Leeds at Eyebury},
  author={Richard Lydekker},
  journal={Geological Magazine},
  pages={350 - 356}
  • R. Lydekker
  • Published 1 August 1888
  • History
  • Geological Magazine
I Presume that most English students of Mesozoic Reptiles are acquainted, at least by report, with the magnificent collection of the remains of Sauropterygians and other Saurians from the Oxford Clay of Northamptonshire in the possession of Mr. A. N. Leeds, of Eyebury, near Peterborough. Those, however, who have not had the good fortune to see this unrivalled collection, can have no idea of its richness, or of the light it throws on the organization and affinities of the Sauropterygians of the… 

Possible missing elements of the type specimen of Elasmosaurus platyurus Cope 1868 ? ” –

Re–evaluation of data presented to infer that three specimens collected between 1954 and 1998 are additional material of the holotype of Elasmosaurus platyurus, indicate there is no evidence these two sets of remains belong to the same individual, or the genus Elasmosaurs.

The cranial anatomy and taxonomy of Peloneustes philarchus (Sauropterygia, Pliosauridae) from the Peterborough Member (Callovian, Middle Jurassic) of the United Kingdom

Well-preserved material clearly indicates that P. philarchus lacked nasals, but possessed a lacrimal, and a previously unrecognised ‘palpebral’ forms part of the dorsal orbit margin adjacent to the prefrontal.

What is Geosaurus? Redescription of Geosaurus giganteus (Thalattosuchia: Metriorhynchidae) from the Upper Jurassic of Bayern, Germany

The holotype and referred specimens of Geosaurus giganteus, a metriorhynchid crocodile from the Tithonian (Upper Jurassic) of Germany, is redescribed, along with a historical overview of the genus

Mary Anning, Alfred Nicholson Leeds and Steve Etches. Comparing the three most important UK ‘amateur’ fossil collectors and their collections

Kimmeridgian pliosaurids (Sauropterygia, Plesiosauria) from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, southern Mexic

En este manuscrito se describen los restos fosiles de dos ejemplares de la familia Pliosauridae. Estos fosiles Kimmeridgianos provienen de los yacimientos marinos someros depositados en la Cuenca

Limb osteology and ossification patterns in Cryptoclidus (Reptilia: Plesiosauroidea) with a review of sauropterygian limbs

ABSTRACT Limb osteology and ontogenetic patterns of limb ossification are described for the plesiosaur Cryptoclidus eurymerus (Upper Jurassic: Callovian), and compared to those of other