ISWIVE: an integrated semantic Web interactive visualization environment

  title={ISWIVE: an integrated semantic Web interactive visualization environment},
  author={Ing-Xiang Chen and Chun-Lin Fan and Pang-Hsiang Lo and Li-Chia Kuo and Cheng-Zen Yang},
  journal={19th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA'05) Volume 1 (AINA papers)},
  pages={701-706 vol.2}
The techniques of information visualization have been initially applied to the semantic Web to facilitate the presentation of data semantics. Currently, the semantic Web visualization interfaces are separately based on two distinctive frameworks, RDF and topic maps. Since the visualization interfaces based on each framework only present a partial view of semantic Web, an integration mechanism is needed to demonstrate them together for the panorama of semantic Web. In this paper, we present an… CONTINUE READING