ISWI is an ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling factor.

  title={ISWI is an ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling factor.},
  author={Davide F.V Corona and Gernot L{\"a}ngst and Cedric R. Clapier and Edgar J Bonte and Stefano Ferrari and John W. Tamkun and Peter B. Becker},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={3 2},
The ATPase ISWI is a subunit of several distinct nucleosome remodeling complexes that increase the accessibility of DNA in chromatin. We found that the isolated ISWI protein itself was able to carry out nucleosome remodeling, nucleosome rearrangement, and chromatin assembly reactions. The ATPase activity of ISWI was stimulated by nucleosomes but not by free DNA or free histones, indicating that ISWI recognizes a specific structural feature of nucleosomes. Nucleosome remodeling, therefore, does… CONTINUE READING

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