ISOCAM observations of the rho Ophiuchi cloud: Luminosity and mass functions of the pre-main sequence embedded cluster

  title={ISOCAM observations of the rho Ophiuchi cloud: Luminosity and mass functions of the pre-main sequence embedded cluster},
  author={Sylvain Bontemps and Ph. Andre' and Anlaug Amanda Kaas and Lennart Nordh and G{\"o}ran Olofsson and Monica Huldtgren and Alain Abergel and Joris Blommaert and Francois Boulanger and Martin J. Burgdorf and Catherine Jeanne Cesarsky and Diego A. Cesarsky and E. Copet and John Keith Davies and Edith Falgarone and Guilaine Lagache and Thierry Montmerle and Michel P{\'e}rault and Paolo Persi and Timo Prusti and J-L. Puget and F. Sibille Observatoire de Bordeaux and Stockholm Observatory and C. E. de Saclay},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
We present the results of the first extensive mid-infrared (IR) imaging survey of the rho Ophiuchi embedded cluster, performed with the ISOCAM camera on board the ISO satellite. The main molecular cloud L1688, as well as L1689N and L1689S, have been completely surveyed for point sources at 6.7 and 14.3 micron. A total of 425 sources are detected including 16 Class I, 123 Class II, and 77 Class III young stellar objects (YSOs). Essentially all of the mid-IR sources coincide with near-IR sources… 

A Mid-Infrared Imaging Survey of Embedded Young Stellar Objects in the ρ Ophiuchi Cloud Core

Results of a comprehensive, new, ground-based mid-infrared imaging survey of the young stellar population of the ρ Ophiuchi cloud are presented. Data were acquired at the Palomar 5 m and at the Keck

ISOCAM-CVF spectroscopy of the circumstellar environment of young stellar objects ?

We present the results of a mid-infrared (5-16.5m) imaging spectroscopy survey of Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) and their surrounding environment in four low-mass star formation regions: RCrA,

Current Star Formation in the Ophiuchus and Perseus Molecular Clouds: Constraints and Comparisons from Unbiased Submillimeter and Mid-Infrared Surveys. II.

We present a census of the population of deeply embedded young stellar objects (YSOs) in the Ophiuchus molecular cloud complex based on a combination of Spitzer Space Telescope mid-infrared data from

The young stellar population in the Serpens Cloud Core: An ISOCAM survey ⋆ ⋆⋆

We present results from an ISOCAM survey in the two broad band filters LW2 (5-8.5 μm) and LW3 (12-18 μm) of a 0.13 square degree coverage of the Serpens Main Cloud Core. A total of 392 sources were

Optical Spectroscopy of the Surface Population of the ρ Ophiuchi Molecular Cloud: The First Wave of Star Formation

We present the results of optical spectroscopy of 139 stars obtained with the Hydra multiobject spectrograph. The objects extend over a 1.3 deg2 area surrounding the main cloud of the ρ Oph complex.

Young Stars in ρ Ophiuchi: Toward the Completeness down to Substellar Masses

The ρ Ophiuchi molecular cloud hosts the most nearby embedded cluster with more than 150 young stars. Intensively studied since roughly twenty years, a significant fraction of the very low mass

The first stars of the Rho Ophiuchi Dark Cloud. XMM-Newton view of Rho Oph and its neighbors

Star formation in molecular clouds can be triggered by the dynamical action of winds from massive stars. Furthermore, X-ray and UV fluxes from massive stars can influence the life time of surrounding

The IMF of Class II objects in the active Serpens cloud core

Based on ISOCAM mid-IR photometry and Arnica/NOT near-IR photometry we find two separate generations of Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) in the Serpens Cloud Core. The youngest generation consists of

Multiple protostellar systems: I. A deep near infrared survey of Taurus and Ophiuchus protostellar objects

We performed a deep infrared imaging survey of 63 embedded young stellar objects (YSOs) located in the Taurus and Ophiuchus clouds to search for companions. The sample includes Class I and flat

An Infrared Multiplicity Survey of Class I/Flat-Spectrum Systems in the ρ Ophiuchi and Serpens Molecular Clouds

We present new near- and mid-IR observations of 19 Class I/flat-spectrum young stellar objects in the nearby ρ Oph (d = 125 pc) and Serpens (d = 310 pc) dark clouds. These observations are part of a



An H-alpha emission-line survey of the rho Ophiuchi dark cloud complex

Our analysis of two H-alpha objective-prism plates covering about 40 square degrees and including most of the nearby rho Ophiuchi cloud complex is presented. These data provide a high-resolution,

The nature of the embedded population in the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud - Mid-infrared observations

In combination with previous IR and optical data, the present 10-20 micron observations of previously identified members of the embedded population of the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud allow determinations

Near-infrared observations of young stellar objects in the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud

We have conducted an imaging survey of 1.4 sq pc of the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud in the J, H, and K near-infrared photometric bands. Approximately 337 of our 481 detected sources are associated with

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This contribution reports the results of an infrared imaging survey aimed at characterizing the stellar populations associated with the three densest star-forming cores in the Ophiuchus molecular

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An extensive radio-continuum survey of the Rho Ophiuchi molecular cloud was conducted with the Very Large Array to look for counterparts of several dozen pre-main-sequence stars found in X-ray,

Low-Mass Star Formation and the Initial Mass Function in the ρ Ophiuchi Cloud Core

We have obtained moderate-resolution (R = 800-1200) K-band spectra for ~100 stars within and surrounding the cloud core of ρ Oph. We have measured spectral types and continuum veilings and have

Spectroscopic classification of X-ray selected stars in the ρ Ophiuchi star-forming region and vicinity

AbstractWe present intermediate-resolution (FWHM∼1.5–2.6 A) optical spectra of 106 candidate optical counterparts of 77 X-ray sources detected in four pointed (t exp ≥ 8700 s) ROSAT PSPC observations

VLBI survey of Rho Ophiuchi - A population of magnetized, diskless young stellar objects

Results are reported of VLBI observations of nine Rho Oph YSOs, which yield positive detections in five cases, with flux densities ranging from 1.2 to 9 mJy at 3.6 cm. In contrast, while

The Near-Infrared Extinction Law and Limits on the Pre-Main-Sequence Population of the ρ Ophiuchi Dark Cloud

We describe new techniques to measure the near-infrared extinction law and to place limits on the pre–main-sequence stellar population of a dark cloud. We analyze JHK imaging data for the central 1

Are wide pre-main-sequence binaries coeval?

We have observed a sample of 39 wide (projected separations 400-6000 AU) pre-main-sequence binary pairs spectroscopically and with optical and near-infrared images. The observations enable us to