ISOCAM observations of the L 1551 star formation region ⋆ , ⋆ ⋆

  title={ISOCAM observations of the L 1551 star formation region ⋆ , ⋆ ⋆},
  author={Magnus G{\aa}lfalk and G̈oran Olofsson and Anlaug A. Kaas and S. Olofsson and Sylvain Bontemps and L. H. Nordh and Alain Abergel and Ph. Andr{\'e} and François Boulanger and Martin J. Burgdorf and Mark M. Casali and Catherine J. Cesarsky and Jonathan F Davies and Edith Falgarone and Thierry Montmerle and M. Perault and P. Persi and T. Prusti and J. – L. Puget and Florent Sibille},
The results of a deep mid-IR ISOCAM survey of the L1551 dark mo lecular cloud are presented. The aim of this survey is a search for new YSO (Young Stellar Object) candidates, usin g two broad-band filters centred at 6.7 and 14.3 μm. Although two regions close to the centre of L1551 had to be avoided due t o saturation problems, 96 sources were detected in… CONTINUE READING