ISMRM Raw data format: A proposed standard for MRI raw datasets

  title={ISMRM Raw data format: A proposed standard for MRI raw datasets},
  author={S. Inati and Joseph Naegele and N. Zwart and Vinai Roopchansingh and M. Lizak and D. Hansen and Chia-Ying Liu and D. Atkinson and P. Kellman and S. Kozerke and H. Xue and A. Campbell-Washburn and T. S{\o}rensen and M. S. Hansen},
  journal={Magnetic Resonance in Medicine},
PURPOSE This work proposes the ISMRM Raw Data format as a common MR raw data format, which promotes algorithm and data sharing. [...] Key Method Application Programming Interfaces were implemented in C/C++, MATLAB, and Python. Converters for Bruker, General Electric, Philips, and Siemens proprietary file formats were implemented in C++. Raw data were collected using magnetic resonance imaging scanners from four vendors, converted to ISMRM Raw Data format, and reconstructed using software implemented in three…Expand
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