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Changing world order and the Islamic Jurisprudence: a study of the judicial provisions of Islam and their applications in global multi religious community with special reference to Hyderabad, India
The global village that desires to see pluralism as the way of life painfully witnesses growing terrorism and communal intolerance. Life for common people everywhere has become stressful andExpand
The Anatomy of Terrorism and Political Violence in South Asia Proceedings of the First Bi-Annual International Symposium of the Center for Asian Terrorism Research (CATR) October 19-21, 2005, Denpensar, Bali, Indonesia
Abstract : This document presents the proceedings of the First Bi-annual International Symposium of the Council for Asian Terrorism Research (CATR). The goals of the symposium, entitled The AnatomyExpand
What is left of Sufism in Tablîghî Jamâ'at?
Refutant les interpretations simplistes a courte vue, cet article replace dans son contexte historique, pour en restituer l'inspiration centrale, la Tablighi Jamâ‘at, mouvement missionnaire musulmanExpand
Mosques, Mawlanas and Muharram: Indian Islam in Colonial Natal, 1860-1910
This study examines the establishment of Islam in colonial Natal, attempting to fill a void in and correct the existing historiography.' In comparison with other parts of Africa, the lack of aExpand
The Influence of Indian Islam on Fundamentalist Trends in Trinidad and Tobago
L'A. s'efforce de mesurer l'impact du fondamentalisme islamique au sein de la communaute indienne a Trinidad et Tobago. Il evoque la situation de ces iles sur le plan religieux et demographique. IlExpand
Healing and morality: a Javanese example.
  • M. Woodward
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 1985
Comparison of Javanese medical, religious and political systems suggests that the structural uniformity of cultural domains derives from the hierarchical organization of cultural knowledge and that the study of traditional medicine and medical pluralism can not be undertaken apart from that of world view. Expand
Piety and Politics in Indian Islam
&dquo;Islam, not only chronologically, is in its fourteenth century... &dquo; (Bernard Lewis 19’72 : 40). It is a feature of the still medieval character of contemporary Islam that in theory even nowExpand