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ISIJ International, Vol. 47 (2007), No. 8, pp. 1195–1203

  title={ISIJ International, Vol. 47 (2007), No. 8, pp. 1195–1203},
  author={S. Datta and F. Pettersson and S. Ganguly and H. Sax{\'e}n and N. Chakraborti},
High strength multiphase steel is the one of the commonly used steels due to its reasonable combination of strength and ductility. The maximization of strength without much compromise to the ductility is an important objective in designing the alloy along with its processing parameters. The strength of low carbon steel is improved by the addition of alloying and microalloying elements including carbide formers and other precipitation hardeners, and also by modifying the microstructure through… Expand

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