IRS views the Adams bridge (bridging India and Sri Lanka)

  title={IRS views the Adams bridge (bridging India and Sri Lanka)},
  author={A. Bahuguna and S. Nayak and B. Deshmukh},
  journal={Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing},
The Sri Lankan ‘Microlithic’ Tradition c. 38,000 to 3,000 Years Ago: Tropical Technologies and Adaptations of Homo sapiens at the Southern Edge of Asia
AbstractThe prehistoric archaeology of Sri Lanka is of considerable significance for investigations of the evolution, dispersal and adaptation of our species within a variety of environments beyondExpand
Geohazards and myths: ancient memories of rapid coastal change in the Asia-Pacific region and their value to future adaptation
Rapid coastal change is common in the Asia-Pacific region yet an understanding of its causes, recurrence times, and impacts is not always clear through the use of conventional geological methods. ItExpand
Lashed by sharks, pelted by demons, drowned for apostasy: the value of myths that explain geohazards in the Asia-Pacific region
The critical analysis of myths (traditional oral tales) can lead to an improved understanding of geohazards. This paper examines three groups of myths (volcano, earthquake, and coastal change) fromExpand
Spatial inventory and ecological status of coral reefs of the Central Indian Ocean using Resourcesat-1
Spatial inventory of coral reef habitat at eco-morphological level has been carried out for the Central Indian Ocean (CIO) using Resourcesat-1 satellite data. CIO covers India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,Expand
ECOLOGICAL BALANCE OF SETHUSAMUDRAM CANAL, INDIA: special reference to mangrove ecosystem
Impact of Sethusamudram canal on the southeast coastal ecosystems is assumed to be diverse. The paper discusses the significance and status of the mangrove ecosystem in specific to Tamil Nadu coast,Expand


Encyclopedia of Geomorphology
Aeolian Processes Anabranching channels and anastomosing channels Biogeomorphology Catastrophes and catastropism Chaos theory and geomorphology Complexity in geomorphology Computational fluidExpand
Coastal geomorphology of India