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IROS 2011 Standard Platform Demo : More cowbell ! A musical ensemble with the NAO thereminist

  title={IROS 2011 Standard Platform Demo : More cowbell ! A musical ensemble with the NAO thereminist},
  author={Angelica Lim and Takeshi Mizumoto and Takuma Otsuka and Tatsuhiko Itohara and K. Nakadai and T. Ogata and H. Okuno},
In this demo, we propose the first live performance of our interactive robot thereminist. The robot plays the theremin using feed-forward arm control, and listens to a coplayer’s rhythm to stay in sync. Alongside tempo detection, a Kuramoto coupled oscillator model is used for phase synchronization, to stay “together” even in the face of tempo changes. This system has been implemented on three full-size research humanoids, and we now adapt it to the widely-available NAO robot. Audience members… Expand

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