IR Emission of Single-Crystal Silicon Excited by Broadband Light

  title={IR Emission of Single-Crystal Silicon Excited by Broadband Light},
  author={Evgenie L. Terpugov and Olga V. Degtyareva and Vladimir Semenovich Gorelik and Yu. A. Novikov and Valeriy Savranskiy},
  journal={Physics of Wave Phenomena},
Room-temperature mid-IR emission from single-crystal silicon exposed to broadband (320 to 700 nm) light with power up to 150 m W has been revealed by Fourier transform IR emission spectroscopy. It is shown that broadband optical excitation significantly enhances IR emission in comparison with thermal emission. Spectral lines of lattice vibrations caused by interaction between combinations of longitudinal and transverse optical or acoustic phonons are identified in experimental IR emission… CONTINUE READING

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