IQGAP1 as signal integrator: Ca2+, calmodulin, Cdc42 and the cytoskeleton.

  title={IQGAP1 as signal integrator: Ca2+, calmodulin, Cdc42 and the cytoskeleton.},
  author={Michael W Briggs and David B Sacks},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={542 1-3},
A family of proteins known as IQGAPs have been identified in yeast, amebas and mammals. IQGAPs are multidomain molecules that contain several protein-interacting motifs which mediate binding to target proteins. Mammalian IQGAP1 is a component of signaling networks that are integral to maintaining cytoskeletal architecture and cell-cell adhesion. Published data suggest that IQGAP1 is a scaffolding protein that modulates cross-talk among diverse pathways in complex regulatory circuits. These… CONTINUE READING

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