IQGAP1 and calmodulin modulate E-cadherin function.

  title={IQGAP1 and calmodulin modulate E-cadherin function.},
  author={Zhigang Li and Sung Hyun Kim and Jonathan M. G. Higgins and Michael B Brenner and David B Sacks},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={274 53},
Ca(2+)-dependent cell-cell adhesion is mediated by the cadherin family of transmembrane proteins. Adhesion is achieved by homophilic interaction of the extracellular domains of cadherins on adjacent cells, with the cytoplasmic regions serving to couple the complex to the cytoskeleton. IQGAP1, a novel RasGAP-related protein that interacts with the… CONTINUE READING