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John J. Ohala, past president of the International Phonetic Association, died in Berkeley, California, on 22 August 2020. He was married to Manjari (Agrawal) Ohala (former Professor and Chair of Linguistics at San Jose State University) for 51 years, and was a professor at UC Berkeley for one year less than that. He was born in Chicago on 19 July 1941, and he received his A.B. in English from Notre Dame in 1963. In 1966, he received an M.A. in Linguistics from UCLA, and in June 1969 he… 


Phonology and Phonetic Evidence: Speech perception and lexical representation: the role of vowel nasalization in Hindi and English
Introduction The theory of underspecificationof lexical representation maintains that the stored form of words omits any predictable or nondistinctive information (Archangeli, 1988). As a data
Sound Symbolism
Sound symbolism is the term for a hypothesized systematic relationship between sound and meaning (Hinton, Nichols, & Ohala 1994). The idea that there might be a non-arbitrary relationship between the
Sound change as nature's speech perception experiment
  • J. Ohala
  • Physics, Linguistics
    Speech Commun.
  • 1993
Experimental approaches to phonology
This paper focuses on the development of models for the control and regulation of Speech Production using the exemplar-Based Phonology method, which was developed from a study of Hindi Geminate Consonants.
An Ethological Perspective on Common Cross-Language Utilization of F₀ of Voice
It is argued that cross-language similarities in the intonation contours for statements versus questions and the existence of sexual dimorphism in the vocal anatomy of humans (and certain non humans) all arise due to an innately specified ‘frequency code’.
Cross-Language Use of Pitch: An Ethological View
Patterns in signaling functions of the pitch of voice can be explained by the assumption that human vocal communication exploits the ‘frequency code’, a cross-species association of high pitch vocalizations with smallness, lack of threat, and of low pitch vocalization with the vocalizer’s largeness and threatening intent.
Monitoring Soft Palate Movements in Speech
A simple photoelectric device has been constructed which permits easy monitoring of soft palate movements in speech and is most useful for detecting the timing of such movements and the relative rather than the absolute amount of velopharyngeal opening.
Guest Editor's Introduction
Listeners ’ identification of speech sounds is influenced by adjacent “ restored ” phonemes
  • Phonetica
  • 1994
Listeners’ identification of speech sounds is influenced by adjacent
  • 1994