IODetector: A Generic Service for Indoor/Outdoor Detection


The location and context switching, especially the indoor/outdoor switching, provides essential and primitive information for upper layer mobile applications. In this paper, we present IODetector: a lightweight sensing service which runs on the mobile phone and detects the indoor/outdoor environment in a fast, accurate, and efficient manner. Constrained by the energy budget, IODetector leverages primarily lightweight sensing resources including light sensors, magnetism sensors, celltower signals, etc. For universal applicability, IODetector assumes no prior knowledge (e.g., fingerprints) of the environment and uses only on-board sensors common to mainstream mobile phones. Being a generic and lightweight service component, IODetector greatly benefits many location-based and context-aware applications. We prototype the IODetector on Android mobile phones and evaluate the system comprehensively with data collected from 19 traces which include 84 different places during one month period, employing different phone models. We further perform a case study where we make use of IODetector to instantly infer the GPS availability and localization accuracy in different indoor/outdoor environments.

DOI: 10.1145/2426656.2426668
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