IODP Expedition 359 : Maldives Monsoon and Sea Level

  • Published 2015


Background and Objectives Site U1471 (proposed Site MAL-07A) is the eastern end of the southern transect at 4°45.9828′N and 73°08.1146′E in a water depth of 419.3 m in the Inner Sea. Geologically the site is positioned on the distal portion of the prograding drift where it thins and is overlain by the sheeted drift deposits. The target depth is in the distal bottomsets of the sea level-controlled platform sequences underneath the drift that was estimated to be about 950 mbsf. At this location, all sequence boundaries are conformable; therefore, cores from this site were expected to provide a continuous and expanded record of current evolution from the Middle Miocene throughout the Pleistocene.

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