INTERVISION: A New Hypermedia System Focusing on Dynamic Media


In order to implement storage and manipulation of multimedia information, especially full-motion videos, a new data model and a new language are required, because they should represent complex data of not only traditional data, characters and numerals, but also new media such as images, long texts, sounds and full motion videos. Data model B5 that is propose’d in this paper is a large sheet with fixed five columns, that is, value, data type, entity, attribute and time. Queries, integrity and security for data in B5 are expressed first-order predicates. In spite of such a simple structure, it has very flexible and strong capabilities for data expression and manipulation. This paper describes how to express various data in B5 including complex data and propose a new language INTERVISION which is specially designed for implementing interactive videos on B5. A prototype system of INTERVISION is also presented.

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