author={Narayan Pandharinath Pawar and Minakshee M. Patil},
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Abstract-Automotive Electronics sector having more demand due to day by day increasing technology. Most of luxurious cars having more automatic controls for different parameters. Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)(2)nothing but vehicle guideline provided by capturing images of the road. Intelligent driver assistance system nothing but provide the full assistance to the driver when drive driving the car on the road along with considering the traffic intensity & white lane detection. System consist… 
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Driver Assistance System based on Raspberry Pi
The intended platform for the system described in this study, is to develop a software defined algorithm for automatic video compression and transmission that is able to robustly find the left and right boundary of the lane using Hough Transform method and transmit over the network.
Intelligent Driver Assistance System
In Driver assistance system provide the full assistance to the driver by detecting the white lane by processing the video using Python script and obstacle is detect by using Ultrasonic sensor module.
Personal Driver Assistance System ( PDAS ) based on Raspberry Pi
The product design described in the report aims to overcome the problems of the traditional rear view system along with incorporating cost effective and efficient ADAS features utilizing a camera array, a USB Wi-Fi adaptor, an LCD display and a microcomputer (Raspberry Pi).
Raspberry- Pi (On-board computer) based Intelligent Vehicle Parking System
A digital system that uses Raspberry-Pi an on-board computer which will be interfaced with cameras to visualize the blind spots and proximity sensors for obstacle detection and the prototype of the system will be implemented on a toy car.
Survey on various lane and driver detection techniques based on image processing for hilly terrain
This study investigates crucial problems faced on the hilly roads and the challenges in translating existing driver-assistance systems to such roads to deduce the more suitable methods that can be improvised and re-tuned to adapt them for mountainous roads.
Doppler laser radar for measuring range and speed simultaneously
A novel spectrum analysis method for calculating beat signal is proposed and shown that maximum speed that can be measured can be extended to 360 km/h without reducing the range measurement performance of current laser radar.


Control of a car with a trailer using the Driver Assistance System
It is shown how the car with passive trailers can be easily controlled by the use of the proposed driver assist system and the motion control scheme and it is shown that even beginners can easily control the pushing motion with the proposed scheme.
Motion based vehicle identification in car video
This work uses the HMM in the temporal domain to separate background and moving vehicles in the video and model the image motion of vehicles and background probabilistically according to the scene characteristic and vehicle driving mechanism, as well as the joint distribution of horizontal position and velocity of scenes.
Omni-directional vision-based parallel-parking control design for car-like mobile robot
This paper presents an omni-directional vision-based control scheme for the car-like mobile robot (CLMR), which possesses autonomous parking capability. At first, we apply the image processing
System design of time-of-flight range camera for car park assist and backup application
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The system design of a time-of-flight (TOF) 3D range camera for parking assist and backup application based on measuring the time delay of modulated infrared light from an active emitter, fabricated on standard CMOS process is described.
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Design of image acquisition & storage system Based on ARM & Embedded