INTEGRAL/IBIS Extragalactic survey: 20-100 keV selected AGN

  title={INTEGRAL/IBIS Extragalactic survey: 20-100 keV selected AGN},
  author={Loredana Bassani and M Molina and A. Malizia and J. B. Stephen and A J Bird and Angela Bazzano and Guillaume Belanger and Anthony John Dean and Alessandra De Rosa and Philippe Laurent and François Lebrun and Pietro Ubertini and Roland Walter},
Analysis of INTEGRAL Core Program and public Open Time observations performed up to April 2005 provides a sample of 62 active galactic nuclei in the 20-100 keV band above a flux limit of ∼ 1.5×10 erg cm s. Most(42) of the sources in the sample are Seyfert galaxies, almost equally divided between type 1 and 2 objects, 6 are blazars and 14 are still unclassified. Excluding the blazars, the average redshift of our sample is 0.021 while the mean luminosity is Log(L) = 43.45. We find that absorption… 

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