INSL3 ligand-receptor system in the equine testis.

  title={INSL3 ligand-receptor system in the equine testis.},
  author={Thomas C Klonisch and Klaus Steger and Astrid Kehlen and William R. Allen and Christine Froehlich and Johannes Kauffold and Martin W Bergmann and Sabine Hombach-Klonisch},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={68 6},
We employed molecular and immunological techniques to investigate the expression of INSL3, a member of the insulin-like superfamily, in prepubertal testis, postpubertal testes exhibiting normal and disturbed spermatogenesis, and cryptorchid testes of male horses. In addition, the partial cDNA coding sequences of the equine homologue of the human relaxin/INSL3-receptor Lgr8 were determined. Nonradioactive in-situ hybridization with a cRNA probe for equine Insl3 and immunohistochemistry with a… CONTINUE READING