INSIGHT: interoperability and service management for the digital home

  title={INSIGHT: interoperability and service management for the digital home},
  author={Charbel El Kaed and Antonin Chazalet and Lo239c Petit and Yves Denneulin and Maxime Louvel and Fran231ois Ga235l Ottogalli},
  booktitle={Middleware '11},
The emergence of plug-n-play protocols, multimedia and ubiquitous applications is shaping the human habitat into a digital one. The actual plug-n-play device proliferation encourages the development of ubiquitous applications providing the user with a wide set of services to accomplish his everyday tasks. Moreover, the user requires a smooth and transparent interaction with each of his devices and a high quality multimedia experience. However, the digital home is more than ever an… CONTINUE READING


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