title={IN MEMORIAM},
  author={Karen Gough and Sunghwan Yi},
  journal={Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds},
Год назад ушёл из жизни замечательный человек, социолог, философ Виктор Тимофеевич Дронов. Он окончил философский факультет ЛГУ им. А.А. Жданова, в 1980-х гг. в течение нескольких лет преподавал исторический материализм в Кубинском университете в Гаване, затем долгое время состоял профессором кафедры социологии РГПУ им. А.И. Герцена. В 1990 г. он защитил докторскую диссертацию и стал первым в Ленинграде ученым, получившим степень доктора социологических наук. Указом президента РФ в 2003… Expand

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Not just "a clever way to detect whether DNA really made RNA": The invention of DNA-RNA hybridization and its outcome.
  • Susie Fisher
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
  • 2015
The invention of DNA-RNA hybridization in 1960 by Ben Hall and Sol Spiegelman had a powerful impact on the theory and discourse of molecular biology, and has become an essential tool in biology and in biotechnology, and a core component in molecular techniques such as DNA microarrays. Expand
Psilophycus alveatus gen. et comb. nov., a basal taxon in the Gigartinaceae (Rhodophyta) from New Zealand
The postfertilization development of the cystocarp is unique among members of the family Gigartinaceae and justifies the recognition of the new genus, Psilophycus, to contain the plant presently known as G. alveata. Expand
Creative Works of Alfred Tennyson in Russian (Not Found, Not Published and Lost)
In the last decades in Russia the interest of researchers to problems of Russian perception of Alfred Tennyson has been essentially increased. It was expressed in particular by issuing the article byExpand
On two specimens of rough-toothed dolphin ( St eno bredanensis (Lesson, 1828)) in a zoological collection in the Netherlands
There are two jaw specimens of rough-toothed dolphin in the depot of the Zeeuws Museum and it is thought that there is a much simpler explanation: that the jaw was from a locally caught or collected individual - and construct what the authors believe is a plausible explanation for it being found in a ditch. Expand
Gelidiella womersleyana (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta), a Diminutive New Species from the Hawaiian Islands
A distinctive new species of Gelidiella, G. womersleyana Kraft et Abbott, is described from a subtidal habitat on the western coast of the Island of Hawaii in the central Pacific Ocean, where rhizines appear to be completely absent from erect axes, stolons and rhizoidal holdfasts. Expand
Drifting Ethologists. Nikolaas Tinbergen and Gustav Kramer. Two Intellectual Life-Histories in an Incipient Darwinian Epistemic Community (1930-1983).
The present dissertation thesis understands itself as epistemological case study for the principles of scientific change. It presumes that the modern sciences established distinguishable subsystemsExpand
The earwig collection (Dermaptera) of the Manchester Museum, UK, with a complete type catalogue
A complete type catalogue of the Manchester Museum’s Dermaptera is presented; it is arranged alphabetically by species name as originally described, with photographs of all holotypes and their corresponding data labels. Expand
A controversy on moral judgment: Fifteen historian-reviewers in the controversy on Hannah Arendt’s book Eichmann in Jerusalem in the US, West Germany and France, 1963-1967. A historical and a pragma-dialectical perspective
This dissertation consists of two parts. The first part is the result of thorough historical research into the development and content of the discussion of Hannah Arendt’s book ‘Eichmann inExpand
Following the LINEs: an analysis of primate genomic variation at human-specific LINE-1 insertion sites.
L1 insertion polymorphisms appear to be essentially homoplasy free characters well suited for the study of population genetics and phylogenetic relationships within closely related species. Expand
The Gold of the Vanquished. Belgian Claims on the Order of the Golden Fleece’s Treasure in the Aftermath of the First World War
ABSTRACT One of the most brilliant symbols of the splendour of the Burgundian period remains the Order of the Golden Fleece and the ornaments which constitute its ‘treasure’, preserved since the endExpand